• “It is official. I have an awesome QS installed and working perfectly on my Speed Triple. Once again thank you for your outstanding customer support and service.”

    Noel from Canada

    “Everything is going great! With help from the quickshifter I achieved a 10.87 second 1/4 mile on my 636! Thank you so much!”

    Jordan from Australia

    “Install went super smooth, the app connected perfectly! I just got back from a little trip around the block and grinning from ear to ear! Thank you for your prompt costumer support!”

    Rob from California

    “…it's wicked how smooth you can change gear n so fast the kill time is spot on for me just like an automatic gearbox. So answer is, works brilliant can't be improved for me”

    Mike from the U.K.

    "Absolutely amazing mod as well as product, the simplicity, the fact you can tune it to your liking on your phone, incredible product and your customer service will be told to everyone I know as well as about the product, thanks again!"

    Joe from Arizona

    "Shifter is better than the "xxxxx" (brand) I had on my 08 r1. It's smooth and I flow around a corner better"

    Andrew from FL

    All around the World, same results ....need we say more?

    Annitori Racing